Federal Premium HammerDown Nickel Plated Brass .357 Mag 170 Grain 20-Rounds BHP

Federal Premium HammerDown provides the consistency, reliability, and optimal performance wanted in lever-action ammunition. Each box contains 20 rounds of 170 grain .357 Magnum with bonded hollow-point bullets.


Nickel Plated Brass .357 mag 170 Grain 20-rounds BHP For Sale

Experience unparalleled performance with our Nickel-Plated Brass .357 Mag, featuring 170 grains in a 20-round configuration. This ammunition combines the reliability of nickel-plated brass casing with the stopping power of a170 grain 357 magnum projectile. The nickel-plated design enhances durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring seamless cycling in various conditions. The 20-round capacity provides ample firepower,  Federal Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle Silver making it suitable for both training and personal defense. With a balanced 170-grain weight, this ammunition strikes the perfect blend of force and precision. Whether you’re at the range or relying on it for self-defense, trust our federal hammerdown 357 in stock for consistent quality and exceptional performance. Elevate your shooting experience with this powerful and reliable ammunition option.

Key Features

  • Reliable Nickel-Plated Brass Casing: The ammunition features a federal 357 magnum 125 grain hydra-shok enhancing durability and corrosion resistance for reliable cycling.
  • Optimal 170-Grain Weight: With a balanced 170-grain weight, this ammunition offers a perfect combination of force and precision for various shooting scenarios.
  • Enhanced Durability: The nickel-plated design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also ensures enhanced durability, making it suitable for different conditions.
  • Versatile 20-Round Capacity: Designed for versatility, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum RUM Ammo the 20-round capacity provides ample firepower, catering to both training and personal defence needs.
  • Seamless Cycling: The nickel-plated brass casing contributes to seamless cycling, reducing the risk of jams and disruptions during use.
  • Suitable for Training and Defense: The federal hammerdown vs hornady leverevolution weight and reliable construction make this ammunition ideal for both training sessions and self-defence situations.
  • Balanced Force and Precision: Strike the perfect balance between force and precision with the well-designed 170-grain projectile, ensuring accuracy in every shot.
  • Consistent Quality: Expect consistent quality and performance in every round, providing shooters with confidence in the reliability of the ammunition.
  • Powerful Stopping Capability: The 170-grain projectile delivers powerful stopping capability, making it a trustworthy choice for self-defence scenarios.
  • Crafted for Excellence: Crafted with attention to detail,  Kimber STAINLESS this ammunition reflects excellence in design and construction, meeting the demands of discerning shooters.

Elevate your shooting experience with the Nickel-Plated Brass .357 Mag 170 Grain 20-Rounds BHP, where reliability, versatility, and balanced performance come together for optimal results.


  • Calibre: 357 Mag
  • Model: Premium
  • Series: HammerDown
  • Bullet Weight: 170 gr
  • Rounds Per Box: 20
  • Casing Material: Nickel-Plated Brass
Calibre .357 Mag
Capacity 20
Condition New in Box
Finish Per Color Nickel Plated Brass
Manufacturer Part Number LG3571
Model Premium HammerDown
Type Handgun Ammo
UPC 604544658330

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