Federal Premium HST .40 SW 180GR HST SP 20Rds

Federal Premium, 40S&W, 180 Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point P40HST1S


Federal Premium HST .40 SW 180GR HST SP 20Rds For Sale

Discover superior performance with Federal Premium HST .40 SW, a 20-round ammunition featuring 180 grains of HST SP power. Engineered for excellence, this ammunition ensures optimal stopping power and reliable expansion upon impact. The federal hst 40 165 vs 180 strikes a balance between force and accuracy,  Hornady Critical Defense .40S&W 165GR FTX 20rds making it an ideal choice for self-defense scenarios. With a 20-round capacity, you have ample firepower at your disposal. federal premium law enforcement 40 s&w 180 grain hst is crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, providing shooters with confidence in critical situations. Elevate your self-defense game with this precision-engineered ammunition that delivers consistent and effective performance. Trust federal hst 40 50 round box for the power you need when it matters most.

Specifications Federal Premium HST .40 SW 180GR HST SP 20Rds

  • Caliber: .40 SW
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains
  • Bullet Type: HST SP (Hollow Point)
  • Rounds per Box: 20 rounds
  • Stopping Power: Engineered for optimal stopping power, ensuring reliable expansion upon impact.
  • Accuracy and Precision: The federal 40 s&w 180-grain fmj weight strikes a balance between force and accuracy, making it suitable for various shooting applications.
  • Self-Defense Focus: Crafted with self-defence in mind, Federal Premium HST .40 SW is designed to perform consistently and effectively in critical situations.
  • Ammunition Quality: Meets the highest standards of quality,  Federal Premium Punch Brass .40 SW 165 Grain 20-Rounds JHP reflecting Federal Premium’s commitment to excellence.
  • Expansion upon Impact: The HST SP design ensures reliable expansion upon impact, maximizing the ammunition’s effectiveness.
  • Capacity: Each box contains 20 rounds,   Kimber STAINLESS providing ample firepower for a range of scenarios.
  • Confidence in Critical Situations: Shooters can trust the federal hst 40 s&w 165 gr for the power they need when it matters most, instilling confidence in critical situations.
  • Precision Engineering: The ammunition is precision-engineered to deliver consistent and effective performance, meeting the demands of discerning shooters.

Elevate your shooting experience with 40 s&w hst 180 gr review, where specifications meet the highest standards of quality and performance for reliable self-defence ammunition.

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