Federal Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle Silver .308 Win 165 Gr Trophy Copper

Get ammunition for your top-rated gun that will hit each target accurately by ordering Federal Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle .308 Winchester from Firearms World. With each trophy copper bullet being cased in nickel-plated brass, the Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle .308 Win is specifically designed for hunting and taking down big game. With these rounds, you can hit each target at 2700 feet per second and be far more accurate than when you use other types of bullets. When you order ammo online from Firearms World, add the Federal Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle .308 Winchester to your order and see how much better your shots are!


Federal Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle Silver .308 Win For Sale

The Federal Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle Silver in .308 Win stands as a pinnacle of ammunition excellence. Crafted for shooters and hunters demanding unparalleled performance, this ammunition combines precision, power, and reliability. The federal vital-shok 308 165 grain is celebrated for its versatility, excelling in both long-range precision shooting and hunting applications. With a carefully designed bullet construction, Grizzly Centerfire Handgun Brass 9mm this ammunition ensures optimal velocity and energy impact, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency in every shot.

The federal power-shok 308 150 grain has garnered praise from users worldwide, with testimonials highlighting its reliability in various scenarios. Whether you’re on a challenging hunt or aiming for long-range targets, trust in the federal ammunition catalogue to deliver unmatched results. Elevate your shooting experience with this premium ammunition that seamlessly blends innovation, safety, and performance. Choose Federal Premium for a calibre of excellence that defines precision in every shot.

Key Features 

  • Precision Bullet Design: The ammunition boasts a meticulously crafted bullet design for enhanced accuracy and consistency.
  • Optimal Velocity and Energy Impact: Federal Premium 308 gold medal ensures that each round achieves the ideal velocity and energy impact for superior performance.
  • Versatility for Various Applications: The .308 Win cartridge offers versatility, making it suitable for a range of shooting applications, including long-range precision and hunting.
  • Reliable Performance: Users worldwide attest to the reliable and consistent performance of Federal Premium Vital-Shok in diverse scenarios.
  • User-Friendly: Designed with the shooter in mind,  Kimber STAINLESS this ammunition is easy to handle and suitable for both novice and experienced users.
  • Safety Assurance: Federal Premium emphasizes safety, providing clear guidelines for handling, storage, and usage, ensuring a secure shooting experience.
  • Innovative Technology: The ammunition incorporates cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in terms of bullet design and overall performance.
  • Environmental Commitment: Federal Premium is committed to eco-friendly practices, minimizing the environmental impact of ammunition production.
  • Community Recognition: The brand has gained recognition in the shooting community, participating in events and discussions and fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts.
  • Cost-Effective: FEDERAL PRIMER 209 MUZZLE LOADING PRIMER 100/CASE offers a cost-effective solution, providing value for money without compromising on quality.

Choose federal power-shok 308 ballistics for a blend of precision, versatility, and reliability that sets it apart in the world of ammunition.

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