Federal American Eagle .45 Colt JSP 225 Grain 50 Rounds

Key Features</p>

Caliber: .45 Long


Bullet Weight: 225

Bullet Style: Jacketed Soft Point

Muzzle Velocity: 860 FPS</p>

Muzzle Energy: 369 ft-lbs.

Case Type: Brass

Primer Type: Boxer

Corrosive: No


Federal American Eagle .45 Colt JSP 225 Grain 

The Federal American Eagle .45 Colt JSP 225 Grain ammunition is a powerful and reliable choice for shooters seeking top-notch performance. With a jacketed soft point (JSP) design, this cartridge combines controlled expansion and deep penetration, making federal 45 colt ammo ideal for both self-defense and hunting 45 long colt ballistics applications. The 225-grain projectile is american eagle academy carefully engineered to provide optimal weight retention upon impact, ensuring consistent and effective stopping 45 long colt ballistics power.

Federal, a trusted name in ammunition, produces these rounds with precision and strict quality control measures, ensuring reliability and accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice, the offers a balance of power and performance that meets the high standards of those who demand excellence in 45 long colt ballistics their ammunition. It’s a versatile choice for handgun american eagle academy enthusiasts looking for a dependable round that delivers both accuracy and stopping 45 long colt ballistics Hornady American Gunner 9mm 115GR XTP 25Rds power.

Federal 45 Colt Ammo

Federal 45 Colt Ammo combines precision engineering with top-notch materials, delivering unparalleled performance in the iconic .45 Colt caliber. Crafted with meticulous 225 ammo attention to detail, 45 lc ballistics ammunition is designed to meet the demanding standards of both enthusiasts and professionals.

The brass casings ensure reliable feeding and extraction, while the clean-burning propellants contribute to consistent .45 long colt ammo accuracy. Federal’s commitment to quality control guarantees each round’s reliability, making American Eagle Academy a trusted choice for shooters who 45 lc ammo prioritize dependability.

Key Features

  1. Caliber: .45 Colt
  2. Bullet Type: Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)
  3. Bullet Weight: 225 grains
  4. Brand: Federal American 225 ammo Eagle
  5. Projectile Design: JSP for controlled expansion
  6. Intended Use: Versatile for both range training and self-defense
  7. Consistent Performance: Reliable and consistent ballistics
  8. Manufacturing Standards: Produced by Federal, a reputable ammunition manufacturer
  9. Suitability: Suitable for .45 Colt chambered 225 ammo firearms
  10. Ammo Type: Centerfire handgun ammunition.

Explore unmatched performance and confidence with Federal American Eagle .45 Colt JSP 225 Grain ammunition. Elevate your shooting experience and place your trust in the renowned reliability and quality of Federal Premium Ammunition. Order your Federal 45 Colt ammo today to embark on the pinnacle of shooting excellence. Unleash the power of .45 Colt with ammunition crafted to perfection.

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