Winchester Super-X Ammunition 22 Short Black Powder Blank Box of 50


Winchester Super-X Ammunition For Sale

No matter which Winchester Super-X Ammunition you prefer, when you load up with Winchester, you’re getting accuracy technology, the highest quality components, superior performance and optimum reliability.

Please note that these are blanks and need the use of black powder. It requires immediate cleaning!

Cardboard disks and burning black powder are discharged from the firearm’s barrel when these blanks are fired. At close range, this discharge can be lethal. Use extreme caution.

Time-Proven, Dependability

Since 1922, Winchester Super x 12 Gauge has Provided Exceptional Quality and Outstanding Performance.

Winchester Super X 12ga and Glock 19 gen 5 have been providing all kinds of hunters and sport shooters with exceptional quality and performance since 1922. Millions of shotgun slug hunters have grown to depend on Super X cartridges because of their legendary excellence and time-tested reliability. The full-bore rifled slug is intended to be used in barrels with smooth bores. The hollow point offers more powerful stopping force and powerful performance.

Winchester Super X | Winchester X Super Online

Do you want more consistent, superior knockdown power? Then, fill up on the storied super x pump Winchester, which is still manufactured with the same attention to detail, care, and quality as when it was first released in 1922. Super x pump Winchester, Beretta m9a3 black pistol, is produced today with the finest components and exacting manufacturing techniques to deliver consistent, trustworthy performance that shooters have come to rely on for generations. You can rely on Winchester Super-X Game Loads to deliver optimal performance in the woods or on the pitch. It is made with high-quality Winchester parts that are specially designed to operate reliably on a range of small games.

  • Consistent, dependable performance
  • Quality components
  • Tailored for consistent performance on a variety of small-game

Is Winchester Super x 22lr Ammo Good?

With decades of shotshell expertise packed into every hull, the Winchester Super X 22lr is one of the most varied and well-established shotshell lines in history. For hunters of small game and uplands throughout North America, it is perfect. The ideal combination of off-the-shelf value and on-field or on-range quality may be found in Super X.



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22 Short
50 Round

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