Remington .243 Winchester PSP Core-Lokt 100 Grain 20 Rounds


Remington .243 Winchester PSP Core-Lokt 100 Grain For Sale

Since 1939, more hunters have trusted Remington .243 Winchester PSP Core-Lokt 100 Grain than any other big game ammo, and rightly so. It has filled more labels on more continents than any other cargo. Remington 243 Winchester is the original controlled expansion bullet. Its proven performance has made it the first choice for hunting for over 75 years. 

With its solid lead core and tapering copper shell, this device offers steady in-game performance, weight retention, and huge 2X expansion. It is offered in a variety of bullet weights and both soft punch and pointed soft point varieties for almost all centerfire hunting calibers that are produced. The all-time best-selling hunting ammo is what you should trust for your next hunt. It is now available in 350 Legend and an all-new cartridge, 360 Buckhammer, Federal Premium Ammunition 22-250 Remington 60 Grain.


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6mm Remington vs 243 Winchester Ballistics | .243 Winchester Remington Core Lokt Online

Excellent accuracy, universal availability, low recoil, excellent varmint performance, handles windage better than most .22 caliber varmint cartridges, takes deer-sized game with authority and reliability, and is available in all types of action and rifle styles on the market, from single shots to semi-automatic. As noted at the beginning, versatility is a real strength of the Remington Model 600 243 Winchester and RHINO REVOLVER 60DS.

Using your medium game rifle for varmints and predators out of season can only make you a better shooter and increase your familiarity with your rifle, scope, and ammunition combination. As the old saying bears, “Beware the man with one gun; he might know how to use it.”


Caliber 243 Win
Grain Weight 100
Muzzle Velocity 2960
Bullet Style Pointed Soft Point Core Lokt
Ballistic Coefficient .356
Package Quantity 20
Usage Big Game

Remington model 600 243 winchester

  1. The Remington Model 600 chambered in .243 Winchester remains an iconic piece of firearms history, cherished by collectors and hunters alike. With advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques, future iterations of the Remington Model 600 will likely feature durability, precision, and ergonomics enhancements.
  2. One can envision integrating cutting-edge materials such as carbon fibre and advanced polymers, making the rifle lighter without compromising its ruggedness. Computer-aided design (CAD) and additive manufacturing may allow for more intricate and customizable stock designs, catering to individual preferences and optimizing comfort and control.
  3. Technological innovations in optics and sighting systems may seamlessly integrate into the Remington Model 600 platform, offering shooters enhanced accuracy and versatility in various hunting and shooting scenarios. Smart scopes with augmented reality overlays could provide real-time data such as range finding, environmental conditions, and ballistic calculations, empowering hunters with unprecedented precision and efficiency.
  4. Furthermore, advancements in ammunition technology may lead to the development of specialized .243 Winchester cartridges optimized for specific hunting applications, delivering improved terminal performance and extended range capabilities.
  5. Despite these advancements, the timeless design and legacy of the Remington Model 600 are likely to be preserved, paying homage to its roots while embracing the possibilities of the future. Whether as a prized collectable or a reliable companion in the field, the Remington Model 600 in .243 Winchester continues to symbolize craftsmanship, innovation, and the enduring spirit of American firearms heritage.

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