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The .30-.30 winchester, a venerable and iconic cartridge, has etched its place in American firearms history. Introduced by Winchester in 1895 for their Model 1894 lever-action rifle, it has remained a staple for hunters and athletes alike. The “.30-30” designation originates from the caliber (.30 inches) and the powder charge (30 grains) used in30-30 lever action early loadings.

Known for30-30 effective range moderate recoil and effective range, the .30-30 has earned a reputation as a reliable and versatile choice for hunting medium-sized game. The enduring presence of lever-action rifles bolsters.30-30 winchester models  popularity chambered in this caliber, capturing the essence of the American frontier. Whether pursued for nostalgia or 30-30 ammo practicality, the .30-30 Winchester continues to endure, embodying a timeless legacy in the realm of winchester 1894 30-30 for sale firearms.

Winchester 94 30-30 Capacity

The Winchester Model 94, chambered in .30-30 Winchester, is an iconic lever-action rifle renowned for its reliability and historical significance. Introduced in 1894, this classic firearm has earned 30-30 winchester rifle bass pro place in American culture and hunting lore. The .30-30 Winchester cartridge, with Buy 243 Brass Now Available In Stock 50 Counts  balanced power and moderate recoil, makes the Winchester 94 an ideal choice for deer hunting and other medium-sized game.

The rifle features a tubular magazine beneath the barrel, allowing a typical capacity of 6 to 7 rounds, depending on the specific model and modifications. Known for winchester 94 30-30 capacity  smooth lever action, the Winchester 94 .30-30 has been a favorite among hunters and collectors alike, embodying a timeless design that has withstood the test of marlin 30-30 time.

Key Features

  1. Introduced: 1895
  2. Purpose: Lever-action rifles for hunting
  3. Bullet Diameter: .308 inches
  4. Case Type: Rimmed, bottlenecked
  5. Effective Range: 200-300 yards
  6. Popular Lever-Action Rifles: Winchester Model 1894, Marlin Model 336
  7. Traditional Deer Cartridge: Known for deer hunting in North America
  8. Moderate Recoil: Suitable for various shooters
  9. Availability: Widely produced and available
  10. Historical Significance: One of the oldest centerfire rifle cartridges still in widespread 

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