Winchester Long Beard XR 12 Gauge 3.5 Inches 4 Shot Shotshells


Winchester Long Beard XR 12 Gauge 3.5 Inches For Sale

Long Winchester Long Beard XR 12 Gauge 3.5 Inches are designed to give you the longest shot capabilities and tightest patterns of any lead turkey load Winchester® has ever offered. They also perform deadlier at longer ranges. Featuring Shot-Lok® technology, Winchester Long Beard XR 12 Gauge 3 1/2, Long Beard XR shells put twice as many pellets in a 10″ circle as similar turkey loads out to 60 yards, resulting in devastating terminal on-target performance shot after shot. 

To stop pellets from deforming as they accelerate through the barrel, Shot-Lok shells surround each pellet with a resin that has solidified. Avoiding any deformation, the pellets remain round to fly straighter and tighter for highly consistent payloads and devastating knockdowns at longer ranges. A game changer for hardcore turkey hunters, Winchester Long Beard XR 12 Gauge 3.5 and Long Beard XR shells give you heavier-than-lead load performance at a fraction of the cost.

  • The most cutting-edge turkey load from Winchester long beard xr 12 gauge 6 shot, offering greater lethality at longer ranges
  • Performance that is heavier than lead load at a far lower cost
  • Shot-Lok Technology provides improved shot stability for superior downrange performance
  • Terrible on-target terminal performance
  • Tighter patterns: up to 60 yards, twice as many pellets in a 10-inch circle
  • Greater reaches of devastating knockout and deeper penetration
  • 10 rounds

Shot-Lok Technology

Lead pellets are entirely encased in a solid resin in Winchester Long Beard XR 12 Gauge and Beretta m9a3 black pistol. By removing the air space surrounding the pellets, this resin stops them from moving, which eventually results in almost minimal pellet deformation during in-bore acceleration. The resin breaks when the shot is charged, creating a micro-buffer as the shot pattern emerges from the gun barrel. The pellets fly straighter and tighter with the help of this buffer, producing extremely consistent payloads and deadly knockout at longer ranges.

Winchester long beard xr 12 gauge 3 ½

The Winchester Long Beard XR 12 gauge 3 1/2 shotgun evolves into an even more advanced and versatile weapon, becoming a staple choice for hunters and enthusiasts. Building upon its reputation as a reliable and powerful firearm, advancements in materials and technology propel it to new heights.

The future iteration of the Winchester Long Beard XR incorporates cutting-edge materials, making it lighter and more durable without sacrificing performance. Enhanced ergonomics ensure maximum comfort and precision, catering to shooters of all skill levels.

Furthermore, advancements in ammunition technology led to the development of specialized rounds specifically tailored for the Long Beard XR. These rounds boast increased range, accuracy, and stopping power, providing hunters with the ultimate edge in the field.

Integration with smart technology also becomes a standard feature, with built-in sensors and connectivity options enabling shooters to analyze performance metrics in real time and make adjustments on the fly. This level of integration enhances the shooting experience and allows for unparalleled customization and optimization.

In addition to its hunting prowess, the Winchester Long Beard XR has become a popular choice for competitive shooting sports and tactical applications. Its versatility and reliability make it a trusted companion in various scenarios, further solidifying its status as a top-tier firearm in the future.

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