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Winchester Super x 308 180 Grain For Sale

Elevate your shooting experience with Winchester Super X .308 ammo, featuring a robust 180-grain projectile for unparalleled power and performance. Ideal for big game hunting and long-range precision shooting, this ammunition combines accuracy with stopping power.

The Winchester super-x 300win 150gr power core 95/5 20rds is renowned for its versatility, and Winchester’s Super X ammo further enhances its reputation. The 180-grain weight ensures deep penetration and reliable expansion upon impact.  Fiocchi Extrema Whether you’re in pursuit of a trophy game or refining your marksmanship skills, Winchester Super X .308 ammo delivers the reliability and stopping power demanded by discerning shooters. Explore the perfect fusion of precision and potency, and embark on your next shooting adventure with confidence.

Key Features

  • 180-Grain Powerhouse: Featuring a robust 180-grain projectile, Winchester Super X .308 ammo delivers unparalleled power for big game hunting and precision shooting.
  • Versatile Caliber: The .winchester super x 30-06 is known for its versatility, making this ammunition suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios.
  • Accuracy and Stopping Power: Combining accuracy with stopping power, this ammo ensures reliable performance when it matters most.
  • Deep Penetration: The Winchester super x 300 Win Mag 180 grain weight ensures deep penetration, making it an excellent choice for hunting scenarios where bullet performance is crucial.
  • Expansion Upon Impact: Winchester super x 270 150 grain provides reliable expansion upon impact, enhancing its effectiveness in various hunting and shooting applications.
  • Ideal for Big Game: Tailored for big game hunting, this ammunition is designed to meet the demands of hunters pursuing trophy game.
  • Reliability: Backed by the Winchester name,  100 Rounds of Winchester USA  Winchester super x 308 150 grain ballistics delivers the reliability and performance expected by discerning shooters.


  • Caliber: .308 Winchester
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains
  • Application: Big game hunting, precision shooting
  • Versatility: Suitable for various shooting scenarios
  • Power: Unmatched with a 180-grain projectile
  • Accuracy: Ensures precise shot placement
  • Stopping Power: Reliable performance when needed
  • Penetration: Deep penetration for effective hunting
  • Expansion: Provides reliable expansion upon impact
  • Ideal for Trophy Game: Tailored for pursuing large game
  • Brand: Winchester Super X
  • Reliability: Backed by Winchester’s trusted name
  • Performance: Meets the demands of discerning shooters
  • Robust Construction: Designed for durability and consistency
  • Quantity: Available in various round counts.



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