Hornady Varmint Bullets 17CAL 15.5 Gr NTX 100 RDs

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Designed around the hard-hitting performance of the famous Hornady V-Max bullet, the NTX bullet is specifically designed for supremely accurate long-range shooting for customers who aren’t permitted to shoot lead bullets in their home states. Get this Hornady Varmint Bullets in 17CAL from us for the best value online! We will have all your guns, knives, clothing and accessories ready for the cheapest price so get them while you can with easy, fast shipping.


Hornady Varmint Bullets 17CAL 15.5 Gr NTX 100 RDs For Sale

Hornady Varmint Bullets in 17-caliber, specifically the 15.5 gr NTX variant, redefine precision for varmint hunters. This ammunition, packaged in sets of 100 rounds, is tailored for accuracy and performance in varmint shooting scenarios. The Rimfire ammunition, with a bullet weight of 15.5 grains, offers a perfect balance for consistent, reliable results. The NTX bullets ensures controlled expansion and deep penetration, making it an ideal choice for varmint hunting, where precision is crucial. 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) commitment to quality is evident in every round, providing shooters with confidence and reliability in the field. Elevate your varmint hunting experience with Hornady Varmint Bullets, engineered for unparalleled accuracy and stopping power in every shot.

Key Features 

  • Precision Varmint Bullets: Hornady projectiles delivers accuracy with its varmint bullets, specifically designed for precision in shooting scenarios.
  • 17-Caliber Design: Tailored for varmint hunting, the Varmint hunting bullets design provides the ideal balance of power and precision.
  • 15.5 gr NTX Bullet: The 15.5 grain bullets ensures controlled expansion and deep penetration, Armscor Small Arms Ammunition  essential for effective varmint hunting.
  • 100 Rounds Packaging: Convenient packaging of 100 rounds offers shooters ample supply for extended varmint hunting sessions.
  • Consistent Results: Predator hunting commitment to quality guarantees consistent and reliable performance with each round.
  • Optimized for Varmint Hunting: The Small game hunting  are engineered to meet the specific demands of varmint hunters, delivering the stopping power needed for success.
  • Reliable Functionality: High-velocity ammunition Varmint Bullets are crafted with precision and reliability in mind, ensuring functionality and performance in the field.

Hornady Varmint Bullets 17CAL 15.5 Gr NTX 100 RDs Specifications:

  • Caliber: 17
  • Bullet Weight: 15.5 grains
  • Bullet Type: NTX (Non-Toxic Expanding)
  • Packaging: 100 rounds per box
  • Purpose: Specifically designed for varmint hunting             
  • Design Features: Engineered for precision, controlled expansion, and deep penetration
  • Manufacturer: Hornady
  • Optimal Use: Ideal for shooters seeking accuracy and reliability in varmint shooting scenarios
  • Quality Assurance: Backed by Hornady’s commitment to quality and consistent performance
  • Compatibility: Suitable for firearms chambered in Bulk ammunition
  • Convenience: Packaged in a box of 100 rounds for extended use without frequent reloading.

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