Barnes Bullets 30896 .308 175 BT Match 100 per box



Barnes Bullets 30896 .308 175 BT Match For Sale

Barnes Bullets 30896 .308 175 BT Match Online. “30 Cal .308″” 175gr BT Match /100 Description Barnes Match Burners Bullets – Caliber: 30 Cal (.308″”) – Grain: 175 – Bullet Types: Boat Tail Match – Per 100″

Is Barnes Bullet accurate?

The TSX, TTSX, and LRX rounds have proven to be quite accurate in our testing. The accuracy results of tests conducted by Handloader Magazine frequently show that Barnes TSX, TTSX, and LRX rounds outperform match-grade bullets in terms of accuracy.

Who owns Barnes Bullets load data?

Sellier & Bellot ammunition 410 bore 3″ 00, Barnes is a maker of ammunition and bullet slugs. The business provides ammunition products to shooting schools, foreign clients, local, state, and federal governments, dealers, distributors, and consumers. Approximately thirty million rounds of ammunition are sold annually by Barnes muzzleloader bullets. Owned by Clarus Corporation (NASDAQ: CLAR), a multinational business with an emphasis on the outdoor and consumer enthusiast sectors, Barnes is one of its well-known brands.

168 grain 308

The 168-grain .308 cartridge is popular among long-range shooters and hunters. Known for its accuracy and reliable performance, the 168-grain bullet offers excellent ballistic characteristics, making it suitable for various applications such as precision shooting and big game hunting. With its optimal balance of weight and velocity, shooters can expect consistent and predictable trajectories, making it a favourite among enthusiasts who demand precision and consistency from their ammunition.

Load Data for 175 Gr Sierra Matchking in 308

Precision is key when it comes to loading data for the 175 gr Sierra MatchKing in .308 calibre. It’s crucial to consult reliable sources and adhere to recommended powder charges and bullet seating depths for optimal performance. Experimentation may be necessary to find the perfect combination for your rifle, but starting with established load data is a solid foundation. Always prioritize safety and accuracy when handloading ammunition.

Is Barnes a good ammo brand?

A well-known and successful ammunition company is Barnes Bullets Ballistic Chart and Bullet Journal Barnes and Noble. They provide shooters and hunters with dependable and high-performing ammunition alternatives and are renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation in bullet design.

Caliber .308 Win
Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number 30896
Model Match Burners
Type Bullets
UPC 716876308965

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