Federal Bring Your Own Bucket .22LR 36 Grain 1275 RDs


Federal Bring Your Own Bucket .22LR 36 Grain For Sale

Federal Bring Your Own Bucket .22LR 36 Grain Online. They are filled with premium rimfire rounds that are ideal for an enjoyable day in the outdoors or at the range. Shooters can use the easy-pour function by leaving the pack lids on or removing them entirely.

Federal Premium BYOB 22 LR 36 Grain CPHP Online

The dependable and accurate federal premium byob 22 lr 36 grain comes in a cost-effective bulk container. BYOB 22 lr, Bring Your Own Bucket, or BYOB. The 36-grain, Midway Ammo 5.56x45MM 55 GR FMJ, copper-plated hollow-point bullets that are packed into 22 ammo provide precise and lethal results for small game, varmint, and pest management shooting in addition to being ideal for plinking and casual target shooting. 

Copper-plated bullets improve dependable performance in any rifle or handgun action by reducing fouling in barrels and feed ramps. The sophisticated manufacturing process used by the Federal removes the factors that lead to propellant, projectile, and priming irregularities. Champion BYOB Rimfire Ammo is packaged in a reusable plastic bucket with a detachable lid and an easy-pour function.

  • An affordable option for hunting and shooting
  • 36-grain, copper-plated, hollow-point bullets
  • Manufactured under strict quality control
  • Consistent accuracy and reliability
  • Plastic bucket with lid

Federal Premium BYOB 22 LR 36-grain CPHP Specifications:

  • Caliber/Gauge .22 LR
  • Number of Rounds 1375
  • Ammo Rounds 501
  • Rounds per Box 1375
  • Boxes per Case 12
  • Ammo Casing Brass
  • Ammo Application General Use
  • Ammo Features Copper, Hollow Point
  • Ammo Shot Type Not Specified
  • Bullet Type Copper-Plated Hollow Point
  • Muzzle Energy 127 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity Copper-Plated Hollow Point

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