Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Flex Tip Expanding 115 Grain Nickel Plated Brass 25-Round

Hornady Critical Defense, 9MM, 115 Grain, Hollow Point. When lives are on the line. Hornady# 90250. Grab more than one box and save with flat rate shipping on all ammo.


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The Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Flex Tip Expanding Ammunition is your ultimate choice for reliable self-defense. Engineered with precision and innovation, this ammunition is designed to deliver unparalleled performance when it matters most.

Features of Hornady 9mm Critical Defense Flex Tip:

  1. Flex Tip Technology: The hallmark of Hornady’s Critical Defense line, the Flex Tip technology ensures controlled expansion upon impact. The specially engineered polymer tip initiates reliable and rapid expansion, creating a larger wound channel for maximum stopping power.
  2. Consistent Performance: Hornady is synonymous with quality, and Critical Defense 9mm lives up to its reputation. Each round is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, providing consistent ballistic performance and reliable terminal ballistics.
  3. Reduced Recoil: Enjoy the perfect balance of stopping power and manageable recoil. The Hornady critical defense 9mm flex tip 115 grain test is optimized to minimize muzzle flip, allowing for quick follow-up shots and enhanced shooter control.
  4. Reliable Feeding: Engineered for flawless function, these rounds feature reliable feeding in semi-automatic pistols and firearms. This ensures smooth operation when you need it most, providing confidence in your equipment.
  5. Nickel-Plated Cases: The brass cases are nickel-plated, enhancing durability and corrosion resistance. This not only contributes to the longevity of the ammunition but also ensures smooth cycling in various firearms.
  6. Versatile Application: Whether you’re a concealed carry permit holder, law enforcement professional, or a responsible citizen concerned about personal safety, the Hornady critical defense 9mm flex tip is the ideal choice for a variety of self-defense scenarios.

Equip yourself with the ammunition trusted by professionals worldwide. Choose Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Flex Tip Expanding Ammunition for a reliable and effective solution when your safety is on the line. Order now Hornady Varmint Express 6.5mm Creedmoor and experience the confidence that comes with Hornady’s commitment to excellence.

Specifications of Hornady 9mm Critical Defense Flex Tip:

Specification Details
Caliber 9mm
Bullet Type Flex Tip Expanding (FXT)
Bullet Weight [Specify Bullet Weight] grains
Muzzle Velocity [Specify Muzzle Velocity] feet per second (fps)
Muzzle Energy [Specify Muzzle Energy] foot-pounds (ft-lbs)
Bullet Material Lead core with Flex Tip polymer tip
Case Material Brass, Nickel-plated
Primer Type Boxer
Casing Type Rimmed
Reloadable Yes
Usage Self-defense, Personal Protection, Law Enforcement
Packaging [Specify Packaging Details]
Quantity per Box [Specify Quantity] rounds per box
Manufacturer Hornady
Country of Origin USA

Please note that you need to fill in the specific values for bullet weight, muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, packaging details, and Quantity per box based on the product information provided by Hornady.

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