Barnes Bullets TAC-XPD .380 ACP 80GR HP 20Rds


Barnes Bullets TAC-XPD .380 ACP 80GR HP 20Rds Online

Barnes Bullets TAC-XPD .380 ACP 80GR HP 20Rds offers a new take on the classic .45 ACP cartridge. These +P rounds (for use only in firearms capable of handling high-pressure ammo) fire a TAC-XPD hollow point bullet constructed of solid copper with a broad expansion cavity. Unlike some other. 45 ACP loads, it is designed to defeat barriers like thick clothing, auto glass, plywood, and sheet metal. Barnes TAC XPD and Barnes TAC XP use low-flash fuels to reduce the risk of blinding the user during a low-light self-defense situation.

These .45 Auto cartridges come in boxes of 20 and fire a light 185-grain projectile at a muzzle speed of 1,000 feet per second. This unusually high velocity for a .45 load produces more reliable expansion, although it does require a powder charge that generates significant recoil. This Barnes TAC XPD 9mm, 10mm Barnes TAC XP ammo is particularly well-suited to relatively heavy, full-size handguns such as 1911s.

This Glock 37, 10mm Barnes tac-xp ammo uses non-corrosive Boxer primers and Techni-crom-plated brass cases. Techni-crom plating from Advanced Plating Technologies provides two major benefits: it enhances the ammo’s durability and reduces friction during the feeding process. This results in an extended lifespan for the ammunition and more reliable functioning when it is fired.

Barnes TAC XPD 357 | Barnes TAC XPD 40 Online

Nickel-plated cases and all-copper bullets produce smooth, reliable feeding with virtually no flash. Featuring a large, deep cavity with a hollow point for expansion, these bullets penetrate and perform more consistently than any self-defense product on the market.

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Caliber .380 ACP
Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number BPD380A1
Type Handgun Ammo
UPC 716876138081

Barnes Tac Xpd 9mm

  1. The Barnes Tac-XPD 9mm ammunition is expected to continue its reputation as a reliable and effective choice for personal defense. As technology advances, Barnes may introduce enhancements to their ammunition, such as improved bullet designs, optimized powder blends for consistent performance, and enhanced terminal ballistics.
  2. In response to evolving threats and user needs, Barnes might develop specialized variants of the Tac-XPD line, catering to specific scenarios or environments. These variants could include ammunition tailored for compact handguns, subsonic loads for suppressed firearms, or rounds optimized for barrier penetration while maintaining controlled expansion.
  3. Furthermore, advancements in manufacturing techniques may lead to more cost-effective production methods for Barnes, potentially resulting in more affordable pricing without compromising quality or performance.
  4. Overall, the future of Barnes Tac-XPD 9mm ammunition promises to uphold its legacy of reliability, effectiveness, and innovation in the realm of personal defense.

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