.300 H&H Mag. Hornady Cases

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The base for what might be the most unforgettable shot of your life is Hornady brass. .300 H&H Mag Hornady Cases are made with extra care and attention to detail, resulting in smaller batches that adhere to exacting quality standards. Excellent homogeneity in wall thickness, weight, and internal capacity is provided to reloaders by these casings.

Thanks to Hornady’s brass cases, reloaders can benefit from exceptional homogeneity in wall thickness, weight, and internal capacity. 300 h&h magnum brass enables the bullet to be properly seated in both the chamber and the casing.

To guarantee uniform case expansion during a fire, Hornady checks for consistently tight wall concentricity and even puts its cases through a pressure calibration test. 300 hh. Hornady modified cases enable the bullet to be properly seated in both the chamber and the case. 300 H&H brass helps maintain steady pressures and charges. Precision reloading Mitchell SD.

Bulk mag brass could have a few case mouths that are broken or “out of round” (below the shoulder). 300 win mag modified case show up in the final tumbling wash process after the case mouth has been annealed. Precision Reloading Brass manufacturers are aware of this problem and have made an effort to address it, albeit some machinery still has some areas where dents can form due to construction. Hornady modified case 300 win mag.

The first fire should take care of any minor dents, and the case’s performance and longevity should not present any issues. Furthermore, part of the annual stain that was not eliminated after polishing may still be present on the case neck of uncoated brass. Certain lower caliber case lips could be slightly belled.


Gun Type Rifle

Cartridge .300 H&H Magnum

Primed No

Finish Unprimed

Quantity 1

Fabric/Material Brass

Brass Quantity 50 Piece

Case Material Brass

Brand Hornady

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