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.300 Savage Hornady Cases


.300 Savage Brass For Sale

Few people are aware that the U.S. military’s 7.62×51 round, which later became the. 308 Winchester sprang from the. .300 Savage Hornady Cases. This cartridge is old yet still quite powerful. Additionally, I developed my handloads using two vintage rifles: a Savage Model 99R lever action and a Remington Model 722 bolt action.

In 1920, Savage released the savage 300 for sale for their well-liked Model 99 lever rifle. During that period, hunters increasingly favored bolt-action rifles, particularly the. 30-06 Springfield 1903, and Savage aimed to improve the Model 99’s performance beyond its initial—303 Savage chambering.

Although the.300 Savage’s case head dimensions are the same as those of the 30-06; its overall length is 2.600 inches as opposed to 3.340 inches due to the Model 99 action’s extreme shortness. The case’s neck is particularly short, and its shoulder is sharper to maximize case capacity. Nevertheless, compared to the.30-06, it has around 25% less propellant. Remington 722 300 savage review.

The 308 Winchester and the .300 Savage Hornady Cases are fairly comparable cartridges. The 7.62x51mm commercial round, known as the 308, was created for the American military in the early 1950s as a replacement for the venerable 30-06.

It may surprise you to learn that the 7.62×51 military cartridge was developed from the.300 Savage.

.300 Savage Brass in Stock

The 308 Win and the 300 Savage have nearly identical case lengths; however, the 308 has a smaller body taper and shoulder angle. Because the 308’s neck is longer, the cartridge’s casing and overall length are also longer.

The 300 Savage lost favor with hunters as the.308 Win. It has gained traction. I read a review of the then-new.300 Winchester Magnum in the December 1963 issue of Shooting Times while getting ready to write this article. Technical Editor George Note guided to the “old” 300 Savage in that issue. So, the.300 savage brass starline was already consigned to the cartridge cemetery fifty years ago, merely ten years after the.308 Win. made its debut.

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