Federal HYDRA-SHOK 45ACP 230GR HP 20rds

Federal Hydra-Shok, 45ACP, 230 Grain, Hollow Point P45HS1


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Elevate your self-defense with Federal Hydra-Shok .45 ACP, a 20-round ammunition featuring 230 grains of Hollow Point (HP) perfection. Crafted for optimal stopping power, the Hydra-Shok design ensures controlled expansion upon impact, delivering superior terminal performance. The 230-grain weight strikes a perfect balance between force and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for personal protection. Federal’s commitment to quality is evident in the reliable cycling and consistent performance of this ammunition.  Hornady Critical Defense .45ACP With a 20-round capacity, you have ample firepower to face any threat confidently. Trust in the proven performance of 45 acp hydra-shok tarkov for a round that stops threats effectively, providing peace of mind in critical situations. Upgrade your self-defense strategy with federal hydra-shok 45 acp 185 gr, where innovation, precision, and reliability converge to provide the ultimate solution for those prioritizing personal safety.

Key Features

  • Optimal Stopping Power: Federal Hydra-Shok .45 ACP delivers optimal stopping power, ensuring superior terminal performance in self-defense scenarios.
  • Hydra-Shok Design: The Hydra-Shok design guarantees controlled expansion upon impact, enhancing the ammunition’s effectiveness.
  • 230-Grain Weight: With a balanced federal premium 45 auto 165 grain hydra-shok jhp weight, Get the Best 45 ACP Ammo  this ammunition strikes the perfect equilibrium between force and accuracy, ideal for personal protection.
  • Crafted for Self-Defense: Specifically crafted for self-defense, Federal Hydra-Shok .45 ACP is designed to meet the demands of those prioritizing personal safety.
  • Reliable Cycling: Federal’s commitment to quality is evident in the reliable cycling of this ammunition, minimizing the risk of malfunctions during critical moments.
  • Consistent Performance: Expect consistent performance in every round, reflecting Federal’s dedication to excellence in ammunition manufacturing.
  • 20-Round Capacity: The 20-round capacity provides ample firepower, Kimber Aegis ensuring you are prepared to face any potential threat confidently.
  • Ideal for Personal Protection: The 230-grain weight and Hydra-Shok design make this ammunition ideal for personal protection, offering reliability and stopping power when it matters most.
  • Innovation and Precision: Federal Hydra-Shok .45 ACP combines innovation and precision, creating an ammunition solution that exceeds expectations in self-defense scenarios.

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