9mm Armscor Brass 200ct

Armscor Brass 9mm

Armscor is the largest arms and ammunition manufacturer in SouthEast Asia. They are an ISO 9001 Certified Company. This is new, unprimed brass. Accepts boxer primers. This is not loaded ammunition.


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Reload your ammunition with confidence using our top-of-the-line 9mm Armscor Brass, available in a convenient 200-count package. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, this brass is designed to deliver consistent performance, shot after shot.

Key Features of Armscor Brass:

  1. High-Quality Construction: Our armscor 300 blackout brass is manufactured with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a uniform and reliable casing for your reloading needs. The Cheap .380 ACP Brass Armscor 500ct is carefully inspected to meet the highest standards, guaranteeing a consistent and smooth reloading experience.
  2. Consistent Performance: Achieve optimal accuracy and performance with every shot. Our brass’s uniform dimensions contribute to reliable chambering and ejection, giving you the confidence to hit your target with precision.
  3. Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand multiple reloads, our brass is constructed from durable materials that ensure longevity. This makes it a cost-effective choice for avid shooters and reloaders who demand durability without compromising performance.
  4. Easy to Reload: The 45acp armscor brass is good to reload and is designed for ease of use during the reloading process. Whether you’re a seasoned reloader or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the smooth and consistent performance of our brass, making your reloading sessions efficient and hassle-free.
  5. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a firearms enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys spending time at the range, our Armscor brass quality is suitable for various applications. Reload with confidence for target practice, competitions, or personal defense.

Invest in the quality and reliability of 45acp armscor brass, which is good to reload for your reloading needs. With a 200-count package, you’ll have an ample supply of high-quality brass to keep you shooting without interruption. Upgrade your reloading experience and order your armscor brass quality today – precision, performance, and reliability in every round.

Specification table for the 9mm Armscor Brass 200ct:

Specification Details
Caliber 9mm
Brass Type Armscor
Quantity 200 pieces
Construction Material Brass
Case Length Standard 9mm length (approx. 0.754 inches or 19.2mm)
Compatibility Suitable for reloading
Quality Control Inspected for uniformity and quality control
Packaging Convenient 200-count package
Applications Target shooting, competitions, personal defense, reloading
Reloadability Designed for multiple reloads
Manufacturer Armscor Precision International, LLC

This table provides an overview of the key specifications and features of the 9mm Armscor Brass 200ct, offering valuable information to potential buyers.

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