40 S&W Brass Armscor 200ct

Armscor Cal. 40 S&W Unprimed Brass Cases

ARMSCOR PRECISION components line is manufactured in the Philippines. The Company offers a wide selection of competitively priced ammunition and components with sales spread throughout the world.

ARMSCOR PRECISION, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, complies with the SAAMI, CIP and other military or customer desired standards or requirements.

ARMSCOR PRECISION cartridges and components are widely used by the police, military, gun hobbyist, combat shooters and other shooting enthusiast due to its high quality, precise and dependable performance.

Specifications and Features:
Armscor Precision

Quantity / Bag: 200 pcs


Buy 40 S&W Brass Armscor 200ct Online

Elevate your shooting experience with 40 S&W brass Armscor 200ct, a premium choice for reloaders and firearm enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this package includes 200 pieces of brass casings that are ready to take your ammunition to the next level.

Features of 40 S&W Ammo:

  1. High-Quality Brass: Armscor is renowned for its commitment to excellence, and this brass is no exception. Manufactured with precision and durability in mind, these casings ensure reliability and consistency in every shot.
  2. Reloadable: The S&W M&P 40 is designed to be reloadable, allowing you to maximize your investment and tailor your ammunition to your specific needs. Reload with confidence, knowing you have top-tier brass at your fingertips.
  3. Consistent Performance: Achieve consistent and reliable performance with Armscor brass. The uniformity of these casings ensures smooth feeding, reliable ignition, and consistent ejection – essential factors for Cheap .380 ACP Brass Armscor 500ct shooters looking to optimize their firearm’s performance.
  4. Versatile Application: Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a range enthusiast, or a seasoned reloader, 40 caliber S&W is a versatile choice. Its compatibility with various bullet types and reloading recipes makes it an ideal option for a wide range of shooting disciplines.
  5. Cost-Effective: With 200 pieces per package, Armscor offers a cost-effective solution for your ammunition needs. Reload more rounds without breaking the bank, and enjoy the benefits of premium brass at an affordable price.

Invest in the reliability and performance that Armscor is known for. Upgrade your ammunition with bullets 40 s&w 200ct and experience the difference every shot makes. Order now and take your shooting experience to new heights!

Here’s a Specification of Armscor 40 S&W Brass – 200ct:

Specification Description
Caliber .40 S&W (Smith & Wesson)
Quantity 200 pieces per package
Material Brass
Reloadable Yes
Manufacturer Armscor
Compatibility Fits standard .40 S&W firearms
Dimensions Standard .40 S&W casing dimensions
Weight Standard weight for .40 S&W brass
Packaging Resealable plastic bag
Consistency Uniform construction for consistent performance
Applications Suitable for reloading, target shooting, and more
Compatibility Compatible with various bullet types and loads
Cost-Effective Provides value with 200 pieces per package

Upgrade your ammunition experience with the reliability and quality of 40 S&W brass armscor 200ct.

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