Comparing Ballistics: 28 Nosler Vs 7mm PRC

28 nosler vs 7mm prc

When it comes to choosing the right ammunition for hunting or long-range shooting, understanding the nuances of ballistics becomes essential. Among the array of cartridges available, two options that often stand out are the28 nosler vs 7mm prc. These cartridges have garnered attention for their impressive ballistic performance and suitability for various shooting applications. This page compares the 28 nosler vs 7mm prc in great length, going over their histories, ballistic traits used in hunting, and more. Knowing the distinctions between these two cartridges will help you, whether you’re a keen shooter or an enthusiastic hunter, make an informed choice based on your requirements and preferences.

History and Development

28 nosler vs 7mm prc

Understanding the origins and development process of the 7mm prc vs 28 nosler provides valuable insights into their design and intended purposes.

Origins of 28 Nosler

The 28 Nosler cartridge was introduced by Nosler Inc. in 2015, aiming to fill a niche in the market for a high-performance, Armscor Small Arms flat-shooting cartridge suitable for long-range hunting. Drawing upon their expertise in bullet design and manufacturing, Nosler sought to create a cartridge that combined impressive velocity, energy retention, and accuracy, making it ideal for harvesting games at extended distances.

Origins of 7mm PRC

In 2018, Hornady unveiled the 7mm PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) as part of their ongoing efforts to innovate and push the boundaries of long-range shooting performance. Building upon the success of their existing PRC lineup, Hornady designed the 7mm PRC to deliver exceptional ballistic performance, offering shooters a versatile and capable cartridge for both hunting and precision shooting applications.

Development Process of Each Cartridge

Both the 7 prc vs 28 nosler underwent rigorous development processes involving extensive testing, refinement, and collaboration between engineers, ballistic experts, and field testers. Each aspect of the cartridge, from case design to bullet selection, was carefully optimized to achieve the desired balance of velocity, 480 ruger vs 454 casull trajectories, and terminal performance. The result is two cartridges that represent the pinnacle of modern ballistic technology, capable of meeting the demands of discerning shooters in various shooting disciplines.

Ballistic Performance

Assessing the ballistic performance of the 28 nosler vs 7 prc involves analyzing key factors such as velocity, energy, trajectory, accuracy, and recoil.

Velocity Comparison

Velocity plays a crucial role in determining a cartridge’s effectiveness at various distances. The 28 Nosler typically boasts higher muzzle velocities compared to the 7mm PRC across a range of bullet weights. This increased velocity translates to flatter trajectories and improved downrange performance, making the 28 Nosler well-suited for long-range shooting applications.

Energy Comparison

Energy retention is another important consideration, especially for hunting applications where terminal performance is paramount. While both cartridges deliver impressive downrange energy, the 28 Nosler often maintains a slight edge over the 7mm PRC, providing shooters with added confidence when engaging in the Game at extended distances.

Trajectory Comparison

A flat trajectory is desirable for shooters seeking to minimize holdover and maximize accuracy at long range. Due to its higher muzzle velocity, the 28 Nosler typically exhibits a flatter trajectory compared to the 7mm PRC. Shooters may find it easier to make precise adjustments when using the 28 Nosler, particularly when engaging targets or games at extreme distances.

Accuracy Comparison

Both the 338 lapua vs 28 nosler are renowned for their inherent accuracy, allowing shooters to achieve tight groups and consistent performance. However, individual rifles may exhibit slight variations in accuracy depending on factors such as barrel quality, bedding, and ammunition selection. Shooters are encouraged to test different loads and fine-tune their setup to achieve optimal accuracy with either cartridge.

Recoil Comparison

Recoil can significantly impact shooter comfort and follow-up shot accuracy, particularly in high-powered cartridges. While both the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC generate substantial recoil, shooters may notice slightly less felt recoil with the 7mm PRC due to differences in cartridge design and powder charge. For shooters who engage in extended shooting sessions or who are sensitive to recoil, this recoil reduction can be beneficial.

Understanding these ballistic characteristics is essential for shooters looking to select the most suitable cartridge for their intended application. Whether pursuing a game in the field or ringing steel at long range, the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC offer impressive ballistic performance that can meet the demands of even the most discerning shooters.

Hunting Applications

28 nosler vs 7mm prc

When considering the suitability of the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC for hunting, factors such as terminal performance, bullet selection, and game type must be taken into account.

Suitable Game for 28 Nosler

The 28 Nosler is well-suited for hunting a wide variety of Games, ranging from medium-sized species such as deer and antelope to larger Games such as elk and moose. With its high muzzle velocity and energy retention, the 28 Nosler delivers devastating terminal performance, making it effective for cleanly harvesting games at extended distances. Hunters can confidently pursue a diverse range of game species with the 28 Nosler, knowing that they have a capable cartridge in their arsenal.

Suitable Game for 7mm PRC

Similarly, the 7mm PRC is highly effective for hunting medium to large-sized game species. Its combination of high velocity, excellent ballistic performance, and a wide selection of high-quality hunting bullets makes it a versatile option for hunters pursuing a range of games, such as big game species like elk and deer. Lethal terminal performance is provided by the 7mm PRC, guaranteeing moral killings and swift, tidy harvests.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hunting Each Type of Game

While both the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC excel in hunting applications, shooters may find certain advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific Game they are targeting. For example, the 28 Nosler’s higher velocity and flatter trajectory may offer an advantage when hunting games at extreme distances, where precise shot placement is critical. On the other hand, the 7mm PRC’s slightly heavier bullets may provide better penetration and terminal performance on larger game species, making it preferable for hunters pursuing elk, moose, or other heavy-bodied animals.

Ultimately, the choice between the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC for hunting comes down to individual taste, shooting technique, and the particular conditions of the hunting environment. For ethical game harvesting at a range of distances, both cartridges provide hunters with a dependable and efficient option, whether they are stalking deer in the broad land or pursuing elk in the rocky mountains.

Long-Range Shooting

For shooters who enjoy pushing the boundaries of precision and distance, the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC offer exceptional performance for long-range shooting applications.

Ballistic Coefficient Comparison

The ballistic coefficient (BC) is a critical factor in determining a bullet’s ability to maintain velocity and resist wind drift over long distances. Both the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC feature high BC bullets, allowing shooters to maintain flat trajectories and retain energy downrange. While specific BC values may vary depending on bullet selection, shooters can expect impressive performance from both cartridges when engaging targets or games at extended ranges.

Wind Drift Comparison

Wind drift can significantly impact shot placement at long range, making it essential for shooters to understand how different cartridges perform in varying wind conditions. While the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC are both capable of bucking the wind effectively, shooters may notice differences in wind drift due to variations in bullet weight, velocity, and ballistic coefficient. By understanding these factors and making proper wind calls, shooters can achieve consistent hits on target even in challenging wind conditions.

Drop at Distance Comparison

Understanding the drop characteristics of each cartridge is crucial for making accurate adjustments when shooting at extreme ranges. While both the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC offer flat trajectories, shooters may notice slight differences in bullet drop due to variations in muzzle velocity and ballistic performance. By dialling in the appropriate elevation adjustments or utilizing holdover reticles, shooters can confidently engage targets or Game at distances exceeding 1000 yards with either cartridge.

Long-range shooting enthusiasts will appreciate the impressive performance and versatility offered by the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC. Whether engaging steel targets on the range or pursuing Games in open country, both cartridges provide shooters with the tools they need to succeed in the challenging world of long-range shooting.

Ammunition Availability and Cost

Shooters should take both the cost and availability of ammunition into account when choosing a cartridge for their firearm. Let us look at the availability and cost of the 7mm PRC and 28 Nosler cartridges.

28 nosler vs 7mm prc

Availability of 28 Nosler Ammunition

While less widespread than some more established cartridges, 28 Nosler ammunition is readily available from various manufacturers. Shooter can typically find a selection of factory-loaded ammunition in different bullet weights and configurations to suit their specific needs. Additionally, Comparing Ballistics: 270 Vs 30-06 Vs 308  reloaders have the option to hand load their ammunition using commercially available components, further expanding the availability of 28 Nosler ammunition.

Availability of 7mm PRC Ammunition

The 7mm PRC has gained popularity in recent years, resulting in increased availability of factory-loaded ammunition from a variety of manufacturers. Shooters can choose from a range of bullet weights and styles, catering to different shooting disciplines and preferences. Like the 28 Nosler, reloaders have the option to hand load their own 7mm PRC ammunition using readily available components, providing additional flexibility and customization options.

Cost Comparison

Both the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC are considered premium cartridges and may have a higher price tag than more common calibres. The cost of ammunition for these cartridges can differ based on things like the brand,  Between 6.5 Creedmoor and 7mm type of bullet, and quantity bought. Shooters should also think about the long-term financial effects of reloading their ammo because the setup costs for reloading components and equipment may eventually outweigh the savings.

While the cost of ammunition is an important factor to consider, shooters should prioritize performance and suitability for their specific shooting needs when selecting between the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC. By weighing the availability, cost, and performance factors, shooters can make an informed decision that aligns with their budget and shooting goals.

Rifle Options

Selecting the right rifle chambered in either the 28 Nosler or 7mm PRC is crucial for maximizing the performance and potential of these cartridges. Let’s explore the various rifle options available for shooters interested in these high-performance calibres.

Rifles Chambered in 28 Nosler

Several reputable rifle manufacturers offer models chambered in 28 Nosler, providing shooters with a diverse selection of platforms to choose from. These rifles are purpose-built to harness the full potential of the 28 Nosler cartridge, featuring precision engineering, quality construction, Buy 7mm 08 Brass  and ergonomic designs. Whether you prefer a bolt-action rifle for long-range precision shooting or a lightweight mountain rifle for backcountry hunting, there are numerous options available to suit your preferences and shooting style.

Rifles Chambered in 7mm PRC.

Similarly, rifles chambered in 7mm PRC have become increasingly popular among shooters seeking long-range performance and versatility. Manufacturers such as Browning, Christensen Arms,  300 PRC vs 300 Win Mag Ruger, and others offer a wide range of rifles chambered in 7mm PRC, catering to hunters, competitive shooters, and long-range enthusiasts alike. From precision bolt-action rifles with match-grade barrels to semi-automatic rifles with modern features and adjustable stocks, shooters have access to a variety of options to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Customization Options

For shooters looking to tailor their rifles to specific preferences or shooting styles, aftermarket customization options are readily available for both the 28 nosler vs 7mm prc. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your rifle’s stock, trigger, barrel, or optics, there are countless accessories and components available to enhance performance and accuracy. Additionally, many rifle manufacturers offer custom shop services, allowing shooters to build a bespoke rifle tailored to their exact specifications.

When selecting a rifle chambered in either the 28 Nosler or 7mm PRC, shooters should consider factors such as intended use,  Nosler Trophy Grade budget, ergonomics, and compatibility with accessories. By carefully evaluating these factors and exploring the various rifle options available, shooters can find the perfect rifle to complement their chosen cartridge and maximize their shooting experience.


In conclusion, the comparison between the 28 nosler vs 7mm prc reveals two exceptional cartridges that excel in various shooting applications. The 28 Nosler offers impressive velocity, energy retention, and flat trajectory, making it a top choice for long-range hunting and precision shooting. On the other hand, the 7mm PRC delivers excellent ballistic performance, terminal effectiveness, and versatility, accommodating a variety of shooting and hunting situations. Shooters seeking a high-performance cartridge for long-range applications will find both the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC to be reliable and effective options. Whether pursuing a game in the field, engaging targets on the range, or competing in precision rifle matches, shooters can trust in the ballistic capabilities and versatility of these cartridges to deliver consistent performance and results.

Ultimately, the choice between the 28 nosler vs 7mm prc depends on individual preferences, shooting style, and specific requirements. By carefully evaluating factors such as ballistic performance, hunting applications, ammunition availability, and rifle options, shooters can decide with knowledge in a way that best suits their requirements and tastes. Regardless of the cartridge you select, the 28 Nosler and 7mm PRC are the best available options for current ballistics, providing shooters with the means to achieve their desired shooting goals. These cartridges offer the performance and dependability you need to meet your shooting objectives with assurance and accuracy, regardless of your level of experience.

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